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This Wide Rim Phenomenon.

As mountain bikers we love technology possibly alot more than the next cyclist … after all Disc Brakes, Suspension ( it’s coming for Road ), Thru-Axles are all trickle-down effects from th…
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New Bike Day.

It’s been a very BUSY past 4 weeks – loads of exciting new projects on the go and final details being wrapped up on the 2018 bike line. As an early preview to the new 2018 range we launc…
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Gravel Plus. It’s A THING!

Great weekend – got to visit the local 3 Rivers Trails ( just outside PE ) and spend some time on their PURPLE and YELLOW trails. What made it even more fun? I was on the 2018 R355 Prototype …
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Tks for the feedback!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment and give feedback on some of the new bikes you would like to see us develop and add to our range. We have many exciting new projects on the go and ho…
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