March 6, 2017

Gravel Plus. It’s A THING!

Great weekend – got to visit the local 3 Rivers Trails ( just outside PE ) and spend some time on their PURPLE and YELLOW trails.

What made it even more fun?

I was on the 2018 R355 Prototype – our new Full Carbon GRAVEL PLUS model for the coming season.

Prototype R355

Prototype R355

My first few rides were on some 700C wheels with Stan’s Crow tyres ( sorry, can’t remember what width they are – had them for a few years on another 29er hardtail bike ) and it was a bit ” harsh” on the offroad stuff – great on the road though.

Wanting to spend more time offroad though, I have changed to some ZTR Crest 27.5 wheels with 2.1 offroad tyres – WOW – that a difference in terms of comfort and handling when the going gets rough-er.

The simplicity of the 1×11 drivetrain, lack of any moving parts ( frame ) and sub 10kg weight makes for a really fun and efficient ride! Click the below IMG file to see a short vid of me riding the bike.


next up is going to be someĀ 29er wheels – think the higher BB and some proper rubber will make the bike even more comfortable offroad.

will keep you guys posted!



ps. the 2018 R355 complete bike spec and pricing will be released to dealers this month – first shipments around July/August 2017