At MOMSEN BIKES we understand the importance of warranty and back-up service of all our products.
Working with only the best frame and component manufacturers and suppliers, we are confident that our products can perform at the highest possible level for their intended use.



For Momsen Bikes to be able to validate a warranty claim for your bike, we need to have a record of it. Right after purchasing your bike, you need to register it here on our website so that when or if you need to make use of your warranty, we already have all of the relevant details. In the event that something on your bike goes awry through no fault of your own, you can submit a Warranty Claim Request and we will work with you on the best solution. We need to have a record of your bike so be sure to register now if you haven’t already!

Need to submit a claim request?







The Process :

Please note that in order for us to assess a warranty claim there are certain criteria and/or information that we require to make an objective decision.

We have created an ONLINE claim form which you can use to submit your potential claim, the link to this page can be found here.

Please note the following criteria applies for any potential warranty claim to be valid:

  1. You must be the original owner of the bike and provide proof of purchase
  2. You need to have registered your bike ( effective from all 2018 model year bikes )

Please note we cannot process any warranty claim without the above information.

The turnaround time on a warranty reply is 5 working days ( excluding public holidays and weekend ) – starting from when we receive the requested information from the Dealer.


MOMSEN BIKES offers the following warranty on the related parts:

  • Alloy Frames – 5 years from date of purchase
  • Steel Frames – 5 years from date of purchase
  • Carbon Frames – 3 years from date of purchase (see below added information with regards to Carbon Frames )
  • Suspension Frames – 3 years from date of purchase
  • Original parts as specified by MOMSEN BIKES – All original parts on the bicycle are warranted for a period of one year from the date of purchase.
  • Original Drivetrain parts as specified by MOMSEN BIKES – In the case of wear and tear parts, only three months warranty applies, unless otherwise specified by original manufacturer.
  • Paint Finish and Decals – our paint work / finish and decals are warranted for one year
  • Suspension Units – Front and Rear – these shall be covered by the warranty of the original manufacturer and their related policies



  • All claims can only be processed via an authorized MOMSEN BIKES dealer/stockist.
  • Warranty applies only to the original owner and is not transferrable. (proof of purchase has to be provided on presentation of the claim)
  • Warranty is against defects in materials and workmanship in the product.
  • The repair or replacement of the effected part is the sole remedy of the warranty
  • Warranty does not apply when damage is caused by improper assembly/tightening or over-torqueing of parts on the frame. Eg. Seatclamps, front derailleurs, seatposts, stems, bottle cages etc
  • Warranty claim is null and void if the bicycle or any part thereof has been incorrectly assembled
  • Warranty claim is null and void if the frame, fork or any of the original components on the bicycle have been modified in any way
  • Warranty claim is null and void if the product is deemed to have been abused and/or neglected
  • Warranty claim is null and void if the product has been involved in any kind of accident – both during use or non-use
  • Warranty claim is null and void if there has been improper follow-up maintenance
  • Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear
  • Warranty claim is null and void if there has been an installation of parts or accessories not originally intended or compatible with bicycle as sold
  • Warranty claim is at the sole discretion of MOMSEN BIKES
  • Warranty does not cover any labor charges for part replacement or changeover


Carbon Frames and Loyalty Replacement Option:

Our carbon frames are tested to the highest standards. However, should you have a fall or crash that results in an impact to the carbon material – the frame can become damaged. Should you have an accident with your frame, we recommend that you to take it to your nearest authorized MOMSEN BIKES dealer and have them inspect and check the frame for any structural damage. Should you find any cracks of signs of damage you should stop riding the bicycle immediately.


The following are key areas to check and points to take note of:

  • Any external dents or cracks could be a sign of damage
  • Any fraying of material or visible distortion of an area
  • Improper assembly and clamping in key areas like the seattube and downtube can cause cracks or damage to the material
  • Over tightening of Seatclamps / Front Derailleur Clamps and Waterbottle Cage bolts could result in damage to the frame

The above are deemed either accident damage or improper assembly/maintenance/adjustment and are not covered by warranty

We do understand that the cost of replacing a non-warranty damaged frame can be a financial burden and therefore offer any customer who has purchased their frame within the 2 year period ( from date of purchase ) the option to purchase a replacement frame at a reduced price. Please consult with your nearest MOMSEN BIKES dealer for further details.